Lake Witten - Fishing Opportunities

The largemouth bass population is excellent in Lake Witten. Abundance estimates, based on sampling, are well above average for small impoundments in Southwest Virginia. The size structure of the bass population is also very good, with about 20 percent of the adult bass collected exceeding 15 inches in length. The lake has trophy bass potential as well; bass over 20 inches in length have been collected during recent samples.

Bluegills are the dominant sunfish species at Lake Witten. Anglers should encounter good numbers of these popular sport fish. Some nice bluegills over eight inches in length have been collected, although most of the fish are somewhat smaller. Black crappie provide some angling diversity, but are not very abundant.

A few walleyes have been collected during recent samples. Walleyes were stocked into Lake Witten from 1995 through 1997. These fish could provide some limited angling opportunities for several years.

Many anglers fish Lake Witten for stocked trout. Catchable-sized brown and rainbow trout are stocked periodically from October through May.

Channel catfish are stocked each year. New stocking protocols could improve the catfish fishing opportunities considerably over the next few years.