Walnut Creek - Fishing Opportunities

The lake has excellent populations of largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, redear sunfish, and channel catfish. The bass population was weak in the early years of the lake's existence. To enhance it, a 12-18-inch slot limit and a daily creel limit of one fish over 18 inches were implemented. These limits have accomplished their objective.

Although the numbers of bluegill, crappie, and redear sunfish in Walnut Creek Lake are not extremely high, there are good numbers of relatively large fish of each of these species. Channel catfish are stocked biannually to maintain a consistent population. Although the lake bottom was cleared of trees prior to impoundment, fish attractors have been added at several locations.

Large piles of stumps and root wads have been sunk in one of the coves, and a long reef of stumps and root wads runs from a small cove in the upper part of the lake out to its center. In addition, numerous shoreline trees have been felled to provide additional cover. These sites provide excellent places for anglers to find those elusive trophy bass as well as numerous bream and crappie.