Sandy Bottom Park Pond

Sandy Bottom Nature Park consists of 465 acres and was established in the early 1990's. It houses a diversity of habitats, plants and animals. A wetland mitigation project has resulted in the creation of 52 acres of wetlands.

The 12-acre fishing pond located in this park was formed from a borrow pit that was originally excavated to help with the construction of Interstate 64. Initially, no authorized stocking took place in this pond. However, certain fish species soon became established. The Department stocked channel catfish in an effort to increase diversity. Channel catfish survival was limited, so stocking efforts stopped. The City of Hampton has stocked largemouth bass, as well as grass carp to control excessive growths of milfoil. No recent stockings have occurred in the last few years. Present fish populations are controlled by the success of natural reproduction and the productivity of the fishery.

The main species that anglers target are largemouth bass and bluegill. American eels, warmouth and pumpkinseed sunfish may provide some additional action. Anglers can consider themselves really lucky or extremely talented if they catch any channel catfish or black crappies.