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Walleye Tagging Study

Walleye Tagging Project

The Department has tagged 1,579 walleye at Philpott Reservoir in 2002-2010. Anglers who catch a tagged fish and return the tag will receive a cash reward of $5-$50. The tag will be located near the fish's dorsal fin or in the abdominal area. Anglers can remove the tag by cutting through the plastic attachment with scissors or a knife. The fish can then be released or harvested (18 inch minimum length limit). Successful anglers can return the tag and catch information to the address printed on the tag. Include with tag return the address of the angler and the answers to a few simple questions. What were the date, time and general location (nearest mile marker) of the catch? Was the fish harvested or released? Were you fishing for walleyes? Finally, did you catch other walleyes and how many did you catch that trip? The information gathered from successful anglers will help biologists make important decisions about managing the walleye fishery.