An interactive mapping application for stocked trout waters, special regulation trout waters, and wild trout waters is available on DGIF’s website.

Middle Fork of the Powell River flowing through Appalachia in Wise County, Armistead Point Park Pond in Hampton, and Upper Norton Reservoir in Norton have been added to the Catchable Trout Stocking Program.

New Stocked Trout Water

Upper Norton Reservoir near the City of Norton in Wise County has been added to the VDGIF Catchable Trout Stocking Program as a Category B water. As a Category B water, the lake will receive 5 stockings between October 1 and May 15. The lake should receive its first stocking sometime in early 2016. The regulations that will now apply to this water are the same as those for other stocked trout waters. A VDGIF trout license is required in addition to a freshwater fishing license between October 1 and June 15. The daily creel limit is 6 fish per day and trout must be 7 inches or larger to harvest. Anglers will no longer need to purchase a fishing license from the City of Norton.

Stocking information for put-and-take stocking can be obtained on the VDGIF website or by calling 434-525-FISH (3474). Both are updated after 4:00 PM each day fish are stocked.