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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

January 17, 2019Rockbridge CountyIrish CreekB
January 17, 2019Rockingham CountyNorth Fork Shenandoah RiverB
January 17, 2019Rockingham CountyGerman RiverC
January 17, 2019Franklin CountyPigg River [Heritage Day Water]A
January 17, 2019Franklin CountyRunnett Bag CreekB
January 17, 2019Dickenson CountyRussell Fork River (Bartlick)A
January 17, 2019Dickenson CountyPound River (Flannagan Dam)A
January 17, 2019Dickenson CountyRussell Fork River (Haysi)B
January 17, 2019Dickenson CountyCranesnest RiverB
January 17, 2019Amherst CountyRocky Row RunC
January 16, 2019City of HamptonArmistead Pointe Park PondU
January 16, 2019City of ChesapeakeNorthwest River ParkU
January 16, 2019Bath CountyCowpasture RiverA
January 16, 2019Bath CountySpring RunCR
January 16, 2019Wise CountyMiddle Fork Powell River (Appalachia)A
January 16, 2019Wise CountySouth Fork Powell River [Heritage Day Water]A
January 16, 2019Greene CountySouth RiverB
January 16, 2019Madison CountyRose River [Heritage Day Water]A
January 15, 2019Bath CountyBullpasture RiverA
January 15, 2019Highland CountyBullpasture RiverA
January 15, 2019Scott CountyBig Stony CreekB
January 15, 2019Scott CountyLittle Stony CreekB
January 14, 2019Buchanan CountyDismal RiverA
January 11, 2019Henry CountySmith River (Dam)B
January 11, 2019Highland CountySouth Branch Potomac RiverB
January 11, 2019Rockbridge CountySouth RiverB
January 10, 2019City of RichmondShield LakeU
January 10, 2019Henrico CountyDorey Park LakeU
January 10, 2019Augusta CountyBack CreekB
January 10, 2019Frederick CountyClearbrook LakeA
January 10, 2019Frederick CountyHogue CreekB
January 10, 2019Frederick CountyWinchester Lake (Wilkins Lake)A
January 10, 2019City of LynchburgIvy Creek Park Pond (Clemmons Lake)U

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.