Daily Trout Stocking Schedule

Clinch Mountain, Crooked Creek, Douthat Lake & Wilson Creek are fee fishing areas.  In addition to a freshwater fishing license, a daily permit is required beginning the first Saturday in April. Refer to Fee Fishing Areas for additional information.

Please be aware that the Saturday stocking announcements are automated and may be inaccurate. Stockings are subject to be delayed due to weather or unexpected logistical constraints, but the Saturday announcement cannot be adjusted until the following Monday. Thank you.
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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

April 25, 2017Amherst CountyRocky Row RunC
April 25, 2017Bath CountyJackson River (Hidden Valley)A
April 25, 2017Augusta CountyNorth River (Natural Chimneys)B
April 25, 2017Augusta CountyNorth River (Upper) [NSF] B
April 24, 2017Nelson CountySouth Rockfish River [NSF] C
April 24, 2017Bath CountyDouthat Lake & Wilson Creek [FFA]ZZ
April 24, 2017Rockingham CountySlate Lick LakeB
April 24, 2017Rockingham CountySlate Lick RunB
April 22, 2017Giles CountyGlen Alton Pond [Youth-Only]
April 22, 2017Grayson CountyElk CreekA
April 21, 2017City of FredericksburgOld Cossey PondU
April 21, 2017Roanoke CountyRoanoke River (City)A
April 21, 2017Craig CountyPotts CreekA
April 21, 2017Augusta CountySouth River (Ridgeview Park)A
April 21, 2017Rockingham CountyDry River [NSF] B
April 21, 2017Rockbridge CountyMaury RiverA
April 21, 2017Rockbridge CountyMill CreekA
April 21, 2017Warren CountyHappy CreekB
April 21, 2017Bath CountyDouthat Lake & Wilson Creek [FFA]ZZ
April 21, 2017Patrick CountyDan River (Above Talbot) [NSF] B
April 21, 2017Patrick CountyRound Meadow Creek [NSF] C
April 21, 2017Wythe CountyCripple Creek (Rt. 94)A
April 21, 2017Smyth CountySouth Fork Holston River (Lower)A
April 20, 2017Madison CountyRobinson River [Heritage Day Water]A
April 20, 2017Montgomery CountyToms CreekB
April 20, 2017Shenandoah CountyPassage Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
April 20, 2017Shenandoah CountyPeters Mill CreekC
April 20, 2017Rockbridge CountySouth RiverB
April 20, 2017Floyd CountyBurkes ForkA
April 20, 2017Floyd CountyLittle RiverA
April 20, 2017Patrick CountyArarat RiverB
April 20, 2017Patrick CountyClarks CreekB
April 20, 2017Buchanan CountyRussell Fork RiverC
April 20, 2017Dickenson CountyFrying Pan CreekC
April 20, 2017Washington CountyBeartree Lake [Heritage Day Water]A
April 20, 2017Giles CountyBig Stoney CreekA
April 19, 2017Amherst CountyPedlar River (Lower)A
April 19, 2017Rockingham CountySouth River (Grottoes)A
April 19, 2017Patrick CountyDan River (Below Powerhouse)A
April 19, 2017Wythe CountyGullion Fork PondsB
April 19, 2017Russell CountyBig Cedar CreekA
April 19, 2017Washington CountyBig Tumbling Creek [FFA]A
April 19, 2017Amherst CountyLittle Irish Creek [NSF] C
April 18, 2017Henry CountySmith River (Lower)A
April 18, 2017Rockingham CountyBriery Branch LakeA
April 18, 2017Bath CountyBullpasture RiverA
April 18, 2017Highland CountyBullpasture RiverA
April 18, 2017Bath CountyCowpasture RiverA
April 18, 2017Rockingham CountyHone Quarry LakeA
April 18, 2017Rockingham CountyHone Quarry RunC
April 18, 2017Floyd CountyMira Fork [NSF] C
April 18, 2017Floyd CountyRush Fork [NSF] C
April 18, 2017Floyd CountyWest Fork Little River [NSF] B
April 18, 2017Wise CountyBear Creek Reservoir (Wise Res.)B
April 18, 2017Grayson CountyFox CreekB
April 18, 2017Grayson CountyMiddle Fox CreekB

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.