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Attention Stocked Trout Anglers:

Currently stream flow conditions are well below normal across the Commonwealth. Also adding to the low flow conditions extended arctic temperatures have caused lakes and streams to “ice-over”. DGIF strives to stock trout under conditions that are adequate for the fish and anglers. Until warmer temperatures thaw frozen stream channels and lakes and stream flows return to more normal levels, many designated stocked trout waters will not be stocked. DGIF will stock streams and lakes where conditions are favorable. All designated stocked trout waters will receive the allocated number of stockings for the season. Thank you for your understanding.

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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

February 22, 2018Rockbridge CountyMaury RiverA
February 22, 2018Rockbridge CountyMill CreekA
February 22, 2018Shenandoah CountyStony CreekA
February 22, 2018Shenandoah CountyMill CreekB
February 22, 2018Amherst CountyPedlar River (Lower)A
February 22, 2018Amherst CountyLittle Irish Creek [NSF] C
February 22, 2018Roanoke CountyGlade CreekA
February 22, 2018Roanoke CountyTinker Creek [Heritage Day Water]A
February 22, 2018Floyd CountyWest Fork Little River [NSF] B
February 22, 2018Craig CountyBarbours Creek [NSF] B
February 21, 2018Augusta CountyElkhorn LakeA
February 21, 2018Augusta CountyNorth River (Tail)DH
February 21, 2018Bath CountyJackson River (Hidden Valley)A
February 21, 2018City of FredericksburgOld Cossey PondU
February 21, 2018Prince William CountyLocust Shade ParkU
February 21, 2018Floyd CountyMira Fork [NSF] C
February 21, 2018Floyd CountyRush Fork [NSF] C
February 21, 2018Wise CountyBear Creek Reservoir (Wise Res.)B
February 20, 2018Bath CountyDouthat LakeA
February 20, 2018Augusta CountyNorth River (Gorge)B
February 20, 2018Augusta CountyNorth River (Natural Chimneys)B
February 20, 2018Albemarle CountySugar Hollow ReservoirA
February 20, 2018Albemarle CountyMoormans River (N. Fork) [NSF] B
February 20, 2018Floyd CountyLittle Indian Creek [NSF] B
February 20, 2018Grayson CountyMiddle Fox CreekB
February 20, 2018Grayson CountyFox CreekB
February 16, 2018Rockingham CountySouth River (Grottoes)A
February 16, 2018Augusta CountySouth River (Ridgeview Park)A
February 16, 2018Frederick CountyWinchester Lake (Wilkins Lake)A
February 16, 2018Frederick CountyClearbrook LakeA
February 16, 2018Giles CountyBig Stoney CreekA
February 16, 2018Wythe CountyCripple Creek (Ravens) [Heritage Day Water]A
February 16, 2018Floyd CountyLittle RiverA
February 16, 2018City of NortonNorton Reservoir (Upper)B
February 16, 2018Smyth CountyStaley CreekA
February 15, 2018Fluvanna CountyHardware RiverDH
February 15, 2018City of HamptonArmistead Pointe Park PondU
February 15, 2018City of ChesapeakeNorthwest River ParkU
February 15, 2018Rockingham CountySlate Lick LakeB
February 15, 2018Rockingham CountySlate Lick RunB
February 15, 2018Bath CountyJackson River (Rt. 623)A
February 15, 2018Botetourt CountyJennings CreekA
February 15, 2018Botetourt CountyMcFalls CreekC
February 15, 2018Patrick CountyPoorhouse Creek [NSF] C
February 15, 2018Scott CountyBark Camp Lake [Heritage Day Water]A

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.