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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

February 24, 2017Amherst CountyDavis Mill CreekC
February 24, 2017Craig CountyBarbours Creek [NSF]B
February 24, 2017Amherst CountyPedlar River (Upper) [H]B
February 24, 2017City of NortonNorton Reservoir (Upper)B
February 24, 2017Bath CountyJackson River (Hidden Valley)A
February 24, 2017Wise CountyMiddle Fork of Powell RiverDH
February 23, 2017Henry CountySmith River (Dam)B
February 23, 2017Grayson CountyHales LakeA
February 23, 2017Bath CountyBack CreekA
February 23, 2017Shenandoah CountyStony CreekA
February 23, 2017Smyth CountySouth Fork Holston River (Buller Dam)A
February 22, 2017Floyd CountyGoose CreekB
February 22, 2017Bath CountyCowpasture RiverA
February 21, 2017Scott CountyBig Moccasin CreekDH

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.