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Please be aware that the Saturday stocking announcements are automated and may be inaccurate. Stockings are subject to be delayed due to weather or unexpected logistical constraints, but the Saturday announcement cannot be adjusted until the following Monday.  Thank you.

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Archive information October 1, 2016 – present is currently available.

March 24, 2017Patrick CountyDan River (Below Powerhouse)A
March 24, 2017Grayson CountyElk CreekA
March 24, 2017Grayson CountyHales LakeA
March 24, 2017City of LynchburgIvy Creek Park Pond (Clemmons Lake)U
March 24, 2017Giles CountyBig Stoney CreekA
March 24, 2017Smyth CountySouth Fork Holston River (Lower)A
March 24, 2017Wise CountyBear Creek Reservoir (Wise Res.)B
March 24, 2017Rockingham CountyNorth Fork Shenandoah RiverB
March 24, 2017Rockingham CountyGerman RiverC
March 24, 2017Bath CountyWilson CreekB
March 23, 2017Giles CountyDismal CreekB
March 23, 2017Wythe CountyGullion Fork PondsB
March 23, 2017Madison CountyHughes RiverA
March 23, 2017Botetourt CountyJennings CreekA
March 23, 2017Washington CountyBeartree Lake [H]A
March 23, 2017Shenandoah CountyStony CreekA
March 23, 2017Shenandoah CountyMill CreekB
March 23, 2017Bath CountyJackson River (Hidden Valley)A
March 23, 2017Botetourt CountyMcFalls CreekC
March 22, 2017Wythe CountyCripple Creek (Rt. 94)A
March 22, 2017Patrick CountyRockcastle CreekB
March 22, 2017Nelson CountyTye RiverA
March 22, 2017Montgomery CountyPandapas PondA
March 22, 2017Roanoke CountyGlade CreekA
March 22, 2017Roanoke CountyTinker Creek [H]A
March 22, 2017Fauquier CountyThompson WMA PondA
March 22, 2017Buchanan CountyDismal RiverA
March 22, 2017Rockingham CountyHone Quarry LakeA
March 22, 2017Rockingham CountyBriery Branch LakeA
March 21, 2017Smyth CountyHurricane CreekC
March 21, 2017Smyth CountyDickey CreekC
March 21, 2017Smyth CountyCressy CreekC
March 21, 2017Smyth CountyComers CreekC
March 21, 2017Bland CountyWolf CreekA
March 21, 2017Prince William CountyQuantico MCBB
March 21, 2017City of FredericksburgOld Cossey PondU
March 21, 2017Roanoke CountyRoanoke River (City)A
March 21, 2017Botetourt CountyRoaring RunB
March 21, 2017Smyth CountyStaley CreekA
March 21, 2017Russell CountyBig Cedar CreekA
March 21, 2017Bath CountyPads CreekB
March 21, 2017Rockingham CountySilver LakeB
March 20, 2017Grayson CountyHelton CreekB
March 20, 2017Amherst CountyPedlar River (Lower)A
March 20, 2017Franklin CountyPigg River [H]A
March 20, 2017Franklin CountyRunnett Bag CreekB
March 20, 2017Montgomery CountyCraig CreekB
March 20, 2017Augusta CountyBraley PondA
March 20, 2017Bath CountyDouthat LakeA
March 20, 2017Bath CountyWilson CreekB
March 20, 2017City of NortonNorton Reservoir (Upper)B
March 20, 2017Washington CountyTennessee LaurelA
March 20, 2017Washington CountyWhitetop Laurel (Lower)A
March 20, 2017Washington CountyWhitetop Laurel (Upper)A
March 18, 2017Wythe CountyCripple Creek (Ravens) [H]A
March 18, 2017Washington CountyBig Tumbling Creek [FFA]A
March 17, 2017Albemarle CountyScottsville Lake (Was Named: Mink Creek Reservoir)A
March 17, 2017Tazewell CountyLake Witten [H]A
March 17, 2017Buchanan CountyRussell Fork RiverC
March 17, 2017Dickenson CountyFrying Pan CreekC
March 17, 2017Craig CountyPotts CreekA
March 17, 2017Alleghany CountyPounding Mill CreekB
March 17, 2017Alleghany CountySmith Creek [NSF]C
March 17, 2017Page CountyHawksbill Creek [H]A

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Archived information currently available: stockings beginning October 1, 2016 and forward.