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November 4, 2011

This information will be on the website at the earliest possible time on Monday through Friday, depending on availability of server. You may also call (434) 525-3474 after 4:00 PM for a voice message on those days.

The week of October 29, 2011:

Counties and localities are in bold.

Amherst Co.
Pedlar River (Lower) (11/02)
Augusta Co.
North River (Gorge) (11/04)
North River (Natural Chimneys) (11/04)
North River (Tail) (Delayed Harvest) (11/04)
Botetourt Co.
North Creek (11/02)
Middle Creek (11/02)
Franklin Co.
Pigg River (11/02)
Runnett Bag Creek (11/02)
Giles Co.
Wolf Creek (11/02)
Grayson Co.
Fox Creek (11/02)
Middle Fox Creek (11/02)
Helton Creek (11/02)
Henrico Co.
Dorey Park Lake (11/01)
Henry Co.
Smith River(Lower) (11/04)
Montgomery Co.
Pandapas Pond (10/31)
Page Co.
Hawksbill Creek (11/01)
Patrick Co.
Dan River (below Powerhouse) (11/01)
Richmond (City of)
Shield Lake (11/01)
Roanoke Co.
Roanoke River (Salem) (11/03)
Rockbridge Co.
Irish Creek (11/02)
Rockingham Co.
Silver Lake (11/01)
Slate Lick Lake (11/02)
Slate Lick Run (11/02)
Scott Co.
Big Stony Creek (11/04)
Little Stony Creek (11/04)
Shenandoah Co.
Tomahawk Pond (11/04)
Tazewell Co.
Lake Witten (11/04)
Wythe Co.
Cripple Creek (Rt. 94) (10/29)

Last updated: November 4, 2011