Why a Monofilament Fishing Line Recycling Program?

  • Recycling monofilament fishing line helps to protect fish and wildlife and prevents entanglement related to boating and diving.
  • Over 850,000 fresh and saltwater anglers and 255,000 motor boats in Virginia.
  • It takes over 500 years for monofilament fishing line to decompose.
  • Discarded fishing line and nets can be damaging to both wildlife due to entanglement and ingestion.
  • Wildlife harmed by improperly disposed fishing line and netting include birds (especially ducks, geese, ospreys, and herons), fish, freshwater and marine turtles, and dolphins.
  • Boat motors and intakes can be damaged if entangled in monofilament fishing line and netting.
  • Properly disposed fishing line can be recycled and turned into useful products such as tackle boxes, fishing line spools, and fish attractors.
  • Volunteers from various organizations will maintain the containers and properly dispose of the line for recycling.