Richmond Falcon Cam

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Camera Outage

We are aware of the camera outage and a working to trace its source.

Although both birds were somewhat defensive of the site when DGIF biologists accessed the ledge to clean and modify the nest box, they have not been seen on camera recently. We will hopefully resolve the camera issue soon and continue to monitor the site.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Scrape Clean-up and Modification

Yesterday (Fri. May 2nd) Department of Game & Inland Fisheries biologists accessed the nesting ledge. All of the gravel from the scrape was removed and replaced. This is a purely precautionary measure as there is no indication yet as to the cause of the nest failure.

Both adults were mildly aggressive, demonstrating a continuing attachment to the site. This is a hopeful sign while we wait for potential renesting. Should the falcons renest, it will result in a late clutch, much the same as last year.

As many may recall the eyases left the nest box before they were mobile enough to return, possibly to escape excessive summer heat. Last year a ramp was added followed by a sun shade. These modification have been added again in hopes that the pair will renest at this site.