Richmond Falcon Cam

Friday, February 29, 2008

Falcon Video 2/29

Enjoy this short clip of the female feeding and then flying in to the ledge for a close up


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Rehabbed Richmond Falcon Released

The young Richmond falcon that had been rehabbing with Tri-County rehabilitation (band 49-Z) has been released. Although the bird had recovered nicely it still seemed to favor its right wing.

She was placed with a Falconer, a technique that allowed her to self-regulate the amount of exercise she was capable of. In essence the bird was able to determine when it was ready for release. On Wednesday Feb 27th, She did just that, taking off for an exercise flight and not returning. Our thanks to Tri-county for a great job

Richmond FalconCam 2008

The Richmond FalconCam is live for 2008! Both parents have been noted in the area lately with the female seen utilizing favorite perch on the BBT building. In Virginia, Peregrine Falcons typically lay eggs in March or April. Cam viewers may recall that last year's nesting attempt was fairly late, with the parents starting (and abandoning) a nest site at the James River Bridge prior to settling back into this site.

Join us as we watch this Falcon family raise its 2008 brood. This blog will be updated regularly with news about the Falcons as well as natural history of these amazing animals. Check the "Peregrine Falcon Management and Recovery Efforts" link for details about Peregrine Falcon biology as well as conservation efforts in Virginia.

Many thanks to our partners in this effort: The Center for Conservation Biology at William & Mary, Virginia Coastal Reserve Program at UVA and the Virginia Economic Development Partnership.