Richmond Falcon Cam

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept 1st Update

Many thanks to the local observers who have provided us with updates as to the activities and whereabouts of our three falcon fledglings. All three of the fledglings were reported in the vicinity of the nest area as recently as Saturday August 29th. Observers report that all three of the birds are flying well and perching on various buildings in the downtown area. Both adults remain in the area as well - and are sometimes seen hunting at a well known Purple Martin migratory roost in the Shockoe Bottom area of Richmond. At the time of this post, we can see two falcons with the falcon cam - although we are not able to focus closely enough to determine if they are adults or juveniles. It should be noted that many of the birds' favored perches are not within the camera's field of view.

Young falcons may remain close to their nest area for 5-10 weeks following their fledging. During this period of time they will continue to follow the parents in flight and beg for food - calling loudly (they can be heard clearly from the ground - even over the traffic noise of downtown Richmond). The young will continue to perfect both their flying and hunting skills until they become self-sufficient and eventually disperse away from the nest area.