Richmond Falcon Cam

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Camera Positions

With the installation of the pen camera operators have a bit of a quandary. It is not possible to simultaneously provide a view of both the nest box where the chicks spend much of their time or the feeding area where the adults bring food and pass it through to the chicks. Providing a good view of one area means a poor (or non-existent) view of the other.

Unfortunately camera operators are simply not able to monitor the cam continually (as much as we like watching falcons). In an attempt to provide the best possible coverage of activity at the nest we are utilizing some of the camera's built-in features. The camera had been programmed so that when motion in detected in a section of the camera view ("a trigger" area) the camera can be instructed to move to a preset position. As these cameras were not designed with the flapping of wings in mind - calibrating the detection can be somewhat tricky. A number of things (including rapidly changing light levels) can "fool" the camera temporarily. There are a limited number of triggers and positions that can be programmed. We have selected those that provide the best overall chance of seeing what's happening. When a camera operator is logged in the view can be set manually.

While this solution does not work perfectly, it does allow for our viewers to see more of the action at the nest then otherwise possible.