Richmond Falcon Cam

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Growing Quickly

Our three eyases have have grown quickly! All three are well fed and moving around the nestbox. They aren't coordinated enough yet to walk on their'll note that they waddle on their tarsus. All three are feeding well...following a feeding you'll note a swollen pouch below the chick's neck. This is a storage organ called a crop. It is a essentially an enlarged portion of the esophagus that stores food prior to digestion. It allows the birds to quickly consume a large quantity of food and digest it someplace safe and away from potential predators or competitors.

You can see the emergence of pin feathers along the edge of the chicks' wings. These will develop into the flight feathers that these birds will eventually use to take their first flight

The 4th egg remains unhatched, at this point there is no chance that it will hatch. The egg remains in the nest and has now been rolled off to the corner.