Richmond Falcon Cam

Friday, July 17, 2009

Going Mobile

The young falcons are just starting to get their feet under them - literally. The eyases will soon be able to stand and their feet instead of waddling on their "ankles" (tarsus). This will mark their ability tp move around much more effectively. At this point they're still a bit unsteady, but with some practice will soon be able to get around quite well.

This mobility created some consternation in 2007 (another late nest attempt at this site) as the young left the box and were unable to climb back in. We believe that the young were attempting to excape the heat of day by seeking shade elsewhere on the ledge. This necessitated some modifications including the ramp and overhand (for shade) seen on the nest box now.

Should the eyases again decide to explore the ledge there is no cause for concern...the ledge has a significant vertical wall running for its entire length - which will keep the chicks safely contained. As demonstrated by the 2007 season (, the parents will find and feed should they wander from the nest box.