Richmond Falcon Cam

Monday, July 27, 2009


The banding of the peregrine chicks and installation of safety lines at Riverfront Plaza were completed today. The new fall protection system will ensure that we can access the ledge as needed in the future. Contractors performing the work on the ledge were accompanied at all times by biologists to ensure the safety of both the workers and the birds. Both falcon parents were defensive of the ledge although they often took breaks, perching and keeping a close eye on all personnel involved.

All three chicks appeared well-fed and generally healthy. No external parasites were noted. The chicks were weighed and measured. The measurements revealed that we have two females and a male this year. The male's feather development indicates that he is the eldest of the three.

The chicks were banded with both a US Fish & Wildlife Service anodized green aluminum band and green and black bands with larger characters that can be more easily read in the field. A small blood sample was also taken from each chick in order to test for lead content. This testing is being prompted by the high levels of lead detected in egg materials collected from failed nesting attempts earlier this year.

Vital Statistics
Male USFWS Band #1126-11828 - Aux. Band 19/AB - Weight:627 grams
Female USFWS Band #1807-65007 - Aux. Band 02/AD - Weight: 848 grams
Female USFWS Band #1807-65008 - Aux. Band 03/AD - Weight: 883grams