Richmond Falcon Cam

Monday, June 1, 2009

Number 4!

The falcons at Riverfront Plaza in Richmond continue to surprise. On Sunday May 31st, at about 3:30 pm a fourth egg was noted by camera viewers. This should be the last egg of the clutch as nests with more then four eggs are unusual.

Spiders have again begun to weave webs across the protective dome that houses the camera. At times the strong morning sunlight glares strongly off these webs, causing the camera's auto-focus to focus on the webs as opposed to the nest. Adjustments have been made to the camera which will hopefully minimize this problem

Peregrine falcons incubate for 33-35 days. Pinpointing exactly when incubation began for this clutch is somewhat tricky, as even after the third egg was laid incubation during the day was not consistent, possibly due to warmer temperatures for this relatively late nesting attempt. We can state that the the eggs will be expected to hatch at the very end of June or the beginning of July.