Richmond Falcon Cam

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

One Egg

Sometime before 5pm on Sunday, May 24th the Richmond Falcons laid an egg in the nest box on the Riverfront Plaza West Tower. This followed a period of scraping (creating a shallow depression in the nest substrate) and courtship/mating at the nest box that began on Friday.

More eggs are likelyforthcoming. A typical brood for falcons in our area consist of four eggs (although more occasionally occur). As the female had recently laid one egg (which fell and broke) on the Bank of America building, we'll have to see how many eggs ultimately make up this clutch. Both the male and female continue to be seen at the nest box. The egg is not yet being incubated. Peregrine falcons generally begin incubation with the second to last egg of a clutch (yet another indication that more eggs are on the way).

Stay tuned!