Richmond Falcon Cam

Monday, March 17, 2008

Egg #1!

After much anticipation the Richmond Peregrine Falcons have their first egg as of about 5:10pm. The female spent most of the previous evening raising hopes that egg laying would be imminent.

More eggs are likely imminent as the pair continue to breed. You'll notice that the egg is not being continually incubated. This is not a cause for alarm. Incubation is often delayed until the last egg is laid. This may be a strategy to reduce the time between hatching for the eggs. Eggs are incubated, on average, for 33 days. Four eggs is a typical clutch, although 5 or even 6 occurs rarely.

For more 1st egg action be sure to check out the Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Cam - where the 1st egg of a replacement clutch was laid on Sunday.