VA Fish and Wildlife Information Service (VAFWIS) Subscription

The VAFWIS is an online system that allows access to the most current and comprehensive information about Virginia's Wildlife.

Subscriptions to the VAFWIS are available. The cost for this is $350 per year plus an additional $100 administrative fee applied to the first year's fee. There is no fee for public entities such as government agencies, non-profit organizations and public education facilities. Benefits to purchasing a subscription to VAFWIS include:

  • Internet access to VDGIF's most up to date wildlife location information
  • Internet access to species life history, distribution, and status information
  • The ability to perform Initial Project Assessments (IPAs) from your desktop
  • Cost savings if you submit numerous projects per year
  • Free confirmations on VDGIF letterhead
  • Customized data queries
  • Access to VAFWIS user manuals and other supporting documents

Additional information about the VAFWIS is included in the VAFWIS information sheet (PDF). To obtain a subscription or to simply find out more about this opportunity, please contact Shirl Dressler at (804) 367-6913 or