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Project WILD and the Virginia Standards of Learning for Science & Civics (PDF)

The Project WILD Activity Guides have been correlated to the 2003 Virginia Standards of Learning objectives for Science. These correlations are to those activities that directly match the Science SOLs as they are written; extensions, adaptations or secondary objectives are not included. We realize that many additional activities will also assist a teacher's effort to meet SOL objectives in science, math and language arts. Review the activities in your guide along with the topic, subject, and skills indexes found in the appendices to create a comprehensive correlation that will assist you in teaching the standards.

Topics such as food webs may be repeated in the standards at different grade levels and build upon knowledge learned at an earlier grade. We have listed activities where they would best meet the student's skill level and the SOL. You are encouraged to adapt activities to the abilities of your students.

Within the Science SOLs, the first objective or ".1" standard deals with basic Science process skills such as classification or predicting. The numbers of Project WILD activities that meet the .1 objectives are too numerous to list. Teachers are referred to the Skills Index in the back of their Project WILD Activity Guides for activities that would assist in teaching any given skill.

For more information about Project WILD in Virginia, contact:

Suzie Gilley
Project WILD Coordinator
Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
P.O. Box 11104
Richmond, Virginia 23230-1104
(804) 367-0188

This correlation has been excerpted from the correlation of Project WILD, Project WET and Project Learning Tree to the Science Standards of Learning.