VDGIF/Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Cam: A little bit of independence

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, in partnership with the Norfolk Botanical Garden and WVEC, is providing a rare glimpse into the life of two bald eagles and their offspring!

Friday, March 26, 2010

“A little bit of independence”

The nestlings continue to grow rapidly and have molted in a new warmer down, they are starting to spend more and more time uncovered by either parent. This is normal, the larger size of the chicks helps them retain body heat, as does an increasingly efficient circulation. Their heavier down acts as great insulation. As spring progresses the temperatures are becoming more moderate as well.

This isn't to say that the adults don't keep a close eye on the young. As you can see the female was perched quite close to the nest while her nestlings dozed.

The forecast for the next few days in Norfolks includes rain, wind and cooler temerpatures so we'll see more brooding behavior by the adults. You can see the female spreading her wings to provide cover for the chicks - as they get larger and more mobile, it is harder to keep all three tucked under.