VDGIF/Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Cam: Brief Visit

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, in partnership with the Norfolk Botanical Garden and WVEC, is providing a rare glimpse into the life of two bald eagles and their offspring!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

“Brief Visit”

James Deal, a photographer who regularly documents the eagles Norfolk Botanical Garden captured an amazing series of photographs this past Sat. (May 2nd).

A juvenile eagle circled the area and approached the nest apparently with the intention of landing. The adult male rose from the nest to meet the young bird who quickly decided to continue on its way. Its path took it quite close to the nest where the female was protecting her nestlings. Without further incident the young bird left the area closely followed by the male. The male returned shortly thereafter. Many thanks to James Deal for sharing this image with us (this photo is copyright protected and cannot be used without permission). To see the full series of photo go to
The young eagles continue to develop well. They are growing increasingly nimble on their feet and their brown juvenile plumage is growing in quickly. Although the parents still feed the young it won't be long until they are able to hold and tear their own food.