Public Boating Access

Due to recent rain events in Region 1, mud and debris may be present on the ramps. Please use caution when launching and retrieving. Boating access points on rivers in Region 3 (New, Clinch and Holston Rivers) are covered in mud and silt from the recent high water event. As the river levels return to normal we are clearing these access points. It will take several days to inspect and clean all the ramps. Thank you for your patience.

Hanover County

Waterbody Access Area Barrier Free Type Ramps Latitude Longitude Map
Pamunkey River Little Page Bridge Yes Boat Slide 0 37° 47' 19" N
77° 22' 12" W
Directions: From Hanover, North on Rt 301 (2)
South Anna River Ground Squirrel Bridge Yes Concrete Ramp - Hand Carry 0 37° 45' 35" N
77° 36' 44" W
Directions: From Rt. 33 at Farrington, Northwest on Rt. 33 (2.25) to access at river on right.
South Anna River Patrick Henry Yes Concrete Ramp - Hand Carry 0 37° 47' 48" N
77° 32' 59" W
Directions: From Ashland , West on Rt 54 (4.5)

Maps and driving directions may not work for all locations. Map information provided through Google is intended for planning purposes only. You may find that construction projects, traffic conditions, or other events may differ from the map results.

Last update: May 20, 2016

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