Facility Closures & Alerts

Due to the continuing dry conditions, open fires are prohibited on all DGIF WMAs and facilities west of the Blue Ridge until further notice.  Hunters are urged to be extremely careful with all flammable objects including cigarettes and matches.

CavalierThe first and second east/west road past the 2nd kiosk is currently closed to all activity.
Clinch MountainThe Department of Emergency Management has issued a burning ban. Open air fires are prohibited until further notice in Washington, Dickenson, and Wise Counties.
Hidden ValleyParking for rock climbing is prohibited from October 1, 2016 through January 7, 2017 at the Low Gap parking lot on Hidden Valley Wildlife Management Area in Washington County. Use of the parking lot to access a rock climbing site on adjacent private property has grown to the point that all available parking spaces are taken at peak times. The parking lot was developed and is maintained with funds from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Act. As a condition of funding, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is required to restrict activities that interfere with the intended purposes, which in this case are hunting and other wildlife-dependent recreation.
Hidden ValleyThe Department of Emergency Management has issued a burning ban. Open air fires are prohibited until further notice in Washington, Dickenson, and Wise Counties.
Chandler's Mill PondThe Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and landowners adjoining the Chandler’s Mill Pond Dam have come to an agreement in principle regarding needed easements to allow the repair/renovation of the Chandler’s Mill Pond Dam to move forward. These documents will be submitted for approval to the Department of Real Estate Services and the Office of the Attorney General. We can now finalize our engineering for the renovation, submit needed permit applications and open bidding for the construction. Our expected timeline for these processes to be completed makes construction in the spring/summer of 2017 likely.

Performing this work during the spring required an additional level of environmental review to ensure it doesn’t pose an unacceptable risk to anadramaous fish that might use the watershed to move from the Chesapeake Bay into fresh waters to breed. This includes species such as striped bass, shad and alewives. Extensive sampling of Chandler’s Mill Pond over many years has resulted in no records of any anadromous species, despite the presence of a fish ladder of the existing dam. Numerous beaverdams downstream of Chandler’s Mill Pond prevent these fish from moving up the watershed to the project area. The new dam structure will be designed with a natural fishway to maintain connectivity between Chandler’s Mill Pond and downstream waters, especially for species such as American eel.
Cook LakeThe Urban Fishing Lakes will NOT be stocked with trout this winter (Nov-Apr) due to pond renovation by the City of Alexandria Public Works. We should resume normal Channel Catfish stocking in spring 2017 and trout stocking fall 2017.
Little Page BridgeThere may be mud present on the boat slide due to recent high water.
Lestor ManorSevere washout and erosion in front of train tracks on approach to landing. Use extreme caution when driving and trailering in the area.
Myer's CreekMyer's Creek boat ramp on Leesville Lake will be closed for renovations beginning Nov. 14, 2016 through the winter. Bathroom facilities and a floating courtesy pier are being installed by AEP.
Bark Camp LakeThe boating access is only suitable for hand launched boats at this time due to low water levels in Bark Camp Lake.
Peterson Yatch BasinBoaters are cautioned that launching and landing boats at Peterson Yacht Basin may be difficult due to high levels of sediment in the basin. Extreme caution should be used at low tide. The Newport News is aware of the issue is working to secure funding and permits to dredge. Please call (757) 886-7912 with any questions.
Ancarrow's LandingBoaters are cautioned that launching and landing boats at Ancarrow's landing may be challenging due to high levels of siltation. Extreme caution should be used at low tide. The City of Richmond Department of Parks and Recreation is aware of the issue and has secured a permit to dredge to restore sufficient water depth for navigation. Environmental regulations stipulate that this work cannot be performed until after the spawning season for a variety of fish species is complete in June. Please call 804.646.5933 with any questions.
Shenandoah River - Main StemUntil an estimated finish of June 2018, the Route 624 bridge over the Shenandoah River will be demolished and rebuilt. For safety reasons, the Morgans Ford access area will be closed to the public during this time. Unless you are entering the river from private property downstream of Morgans Ford, the next downstream public access location is at Berrys Ferry at the Route 17/50 bridge. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.