Financial Summary: Fiscal Year 2014

Net Receipts by Source for FY 2013

Total Net Receipts: $63,184,730

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Source Amount Percent
License $26,683,407 42%
Federal $17,609,772 28%
Net Transfers* $13,746,056 22%
Boat $3,311,709 5%
Other $1,833,786 3%
Total $63,184,730 --

* Net transfers include: HB 38 $10,046,056; WSUT $3,700,000 in; transfer out: savings, central service fees

Mission-Focused Operations Budget for FY 2014

Total: $65,048,191.86

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Category Amount Percent
Recreation $27,922,930.34 43%
Agency Administration $7,437,966.85 11%
Environmental Diversity $24,073,710.23 37%
Education $5,613,584.44 9%
Total $65,048,191.86 --

Capital Plan for FY 2014

Total: $13,125,000

Project Amount Percent
Maintenance Reserve* $1,565,000 12%
Boating Access* $1,000,000 8%
Dam Safety $3,025,000 23%
Improvements* $1,285,000 10%
New Central HQ $6,000,000 46%
Land Acquisition $250,000 2%
Total $13,125,000 --

* Project partially funded by federal funds.

Cost estimates for multi-year projects are subject to change. Estimates provided are as of Fiscal Year 2014.

The Department's Organizational Structure

The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is the primary agency in the Commonwealth of Virginia that is charged with the management of inland fish and wildlife and recreational boating. The agency receives its authority from the General Assembly. This authority is outlined in the Code of Virginia in Title 29.1 Game, Inland Fisheries and Boating. The agency is an executive branch agency positioned within the Secretary of Natural Resources. The agency is supervised by a citizen board comprised one member appointed to by the Governor from each of the legislative districts in the Commonwealth.

A "Special Funded" Agency

Since its establishment in 1916, the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has been classified as a "special funded" agency. The expenditures of the agency are paid by cash in funds specifically established for the operations of the agency. The cash in these funds is generated in part by the sale of items specifically for the support of fish, game and boating programs or from cash generated from economic activities directly tied to these programs.

Authorization to Spend

Although the Department generates the cash to cover its expenditures for operations and capital, the authorization to spend the cash is only given through the budgeting process and the authorization of appropriation by the Virginia General Assembly. An appropriation, provided through the Budget Bill, is the authority for the agency to spend money. It establishes the maximum dollar amount that the agency can expend in any fiscal year (a fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30 of the following year). For Fiscal Year 2014 the agency's operations appropriation is $57,242,880.